We bring the human touch to corporate governance, helping you take care of all your ongoing filing requirements and providing the expertise to ensure your compliance.

Even if it doesn’t seem that fascinating to you, it is to us, and as our client you will benefit from our experience, enthusiasm and dedication. We are:

Resourceful … Our personalized service enables us to proactively offer guidance, verifying and corroborating your reporting requirements on an ongoing basis.

Responsive … The regulations are constantly changing. As documentation, certificates, forms and formats change it is our business to understand and react to new requirements.

Reliable … Tardiness or errors in filing can put you on the securities commission default list, or even result in the issuance of a cease trade order. Our attention to detail and industry knowledge will keep you operating in good standing.

As the compliance specialists we offer a personalized service designed specifically for small to mid-sized corporations. You can count on us to know what needs reporting and when; to create systems and processes for whistleblowing; to handle shareholder meetings, news releases and more.

Working in cooperation with you, your legal counsel and your transfer agents we provide the security of knowing that all your requirements are fulfilled accurately, and on time.

Suzanne Ferguson

Suzanne has over 10 years of experience assisting c-suite executives and boards of directors of public and private companies and not-for-profit organizations. She helps them understand, update and execute their compliance and governance programs and she assists new boards develop a program that makes sense for their stage of business.

She is an experienced board administrator with excellent communication, problem-solving and organizational skills.

Suzanne has spoken at various events about the value of governance and how to use it to improve board performance. She has developed a variety of workshops and training programs focused on training start-up, small and mid-sized company boards that helps c-suite executives and boards of directors understand their roles and how they work together more effectively and efficiently.

She stays current in all aspects of corporate governance by regular attendance at workshops, seminars, webinars and by immersing herself in various governance publications.


Our logo starts with a traffic light - its three colours and three-circle shape. A traffic light requires cooperation and compliance. Like we do, it signals go, caution or stop.

The traffic light is fragmented into three ‘C’ shapes (C for CanaGlobe) superimposed and slightly offset. This arrangement creates a clockwise rotating movement, the ‘C’ shapes fitting together to form order (solutions) and a complete circle (globe).

The ‘C’s are transparent. This allows more complex colours and shapes to form, reflecting the more complex aspects of compliance. Underneath though, we see the foundation is stable.

Finally, the three ‘C’s represent CanaGlobe's business philosophy: Clear, Calm Communication.