Our Services

You can count on us to take care of all the details associated with compliance and corporate governance, from small tasks – making sure the wire services post a news release – to major undertakings like managing contentious shareholder meetings.

We provide a comprehensive and fully customizable range of corporate secretary and compliance services.  Choose the full Corporate Secretary package, or select individual services, on an on-going or ad hoc basis, as follows:

Corporate Secretary Services

We offer an efficient service that will reduce your risk of non-compliance, increase your economies of scale and eradicate the burden of these specialist tasks from your own employees:

Specialist Knowledge:

  • We have an expert understanding of the requirements for accurate and properly recorded minutes. Some internal staff members may not understand what needs to be put in the minutes, or why.
  • Efficient handling of meetings is about more than just taking minutes - we understand complexities such as how to deal with heated discussions, how to deal with resolutions and how to identify action items.
  • Our considerable experience acting as Corporate Secretary for a variety of client companies ensures that we can fulfill every aspect of this challenging role.
  • Consultation - our professionally qualified personnel can provide guidance during or before the meeting.

Ensuring Your Compliance:

  • The minutes of any meeting are the official record of the meeting and the decisions made. Their accuracy is of the utmost importance.
  • We provide the peace of mind that comes with entrusting this function to an experienced business support firm.
  • We offer a consistent and centrally coordinated service for all your corporate secretary needs.


  • We remove the burden of these administrative responsibilities from your own employees.
  • We offer a flexible range of services and can assist with on-going, one-off or short-notice projects.

As a consultant, we can often fulfill your corporate secretary functions more efficiently and more economically than employees who are less familiar with corporate secretary duties - allowing you to focus on your core business. Stop wasting your resources on this non-revenue producing function, and take advantage of our comprehensive corporate secretary services.