Our Services

You can count on us to take care of all the details associated with compliance and corporate governance, from small tasks – making sure the wire services post a news release – to major undertakings like managing contentious shareholder meetings.

We provide a comprehensive and fully customizable range of corporate secretary and compliance services.  Choose the full Corporate Secretary package, or select individual services, on an on-going or ad hoc basis, as follows:

SEDI Filing for Insider Reporting

The SEDI filing system is complex and time-consuming, involving a multitude of codes and often two distinct steps.

We can help you to avoid the penalties associated with omissions and incomplete filings by having all of your insiders send their information to one central contact. That way you can be confident that all filings will be submitted accurately and on time.

Why CanaGlobe?

Our knowledge and expertise is your key to simple, efficient insider reporting:


  • Because we are in the system every day, we are able to reduce the time spent on filing.
  • We know all the codes and understand how to apply them.
  • We understand which transactions are two-sided.
  • We are aware of the time sensitivity and regulatory requirements of the filings.

Attention to Detail:

  • We know which questions to ask to ensure that filings are done properly (e.g. how shares were acquired, what account was used etc).
  • Our in-depth understanding of the system and requirements enables us to ensure filing accuracy (for instance, by ensuring that the trade date is used, and not the settlement date).

Comprehensive Service:

  • We are able to assist in the preparation of issuer event reports and issuer grant reports.
  • We will set up issuer and insider profiles, or make amendments to existing profiles.
  • We can assist in access key resets.

Convenience and Savings:

  • The location of your filing agent determines whether you will be subject to the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST). Because CanaGlobe Compliance Solutions is based in Alberta, we are only required to collect the 5% GST, and not the HST.
  • Working from Alberta, on Mountain Standard Time, we are able to offer a two hour advantage to our clients operating in Eastern Canada.
  • We can centralize your reporting process by having all your insiders send their information to one contact.