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Proxy Voting Protocols; Cyber Security; AMF Fee Increase; Continuous Disclosure Filing Calendar; ASC Gender Diversity Disclosure; ASC 2016 Oil & Gas; Directors Alert; Reminder-ASC Fees

ASC Rule 13-501 Fees; ASC Corporate Finance; OSC Education Opportunities; ISS & Glass Lewis Updates;CCGG Proxy Circular Best Practices;SEDI Filing Reminder; Continuous Disclosure Filing Calendar

CSA Notice 45-318 Prospectus Exemption for Certain Distributions through an Investment Dealer; SEDI Year End Filing Reminders; Certain Exempt Market Filings to be Made on SEDAR; ASC Publishes 2015 Oil & Gas Review Report; CanaGlobe on Social Media; Continuous Disclosure Filing Calendar

OSC Rule 13-502 Fees; ASC Request for Comment Rule 13-501 Fees; SEDI Password Resets; SEDAR and SEDI Profile Updates; CCGG Proxy Circular Best Practices; Continuous Disclosure Filing Calendar

CSA Amendments to Venture Issuer Disclosure; Directors’ Responsibilities in Canada; Mining Issuer Investor Presentations; OSC 13-502 Fees Revocation and Replacement; NS SC Fees; Continuous Disclosure Filing Calendar

Is Outsourcing Right For You?, ASC 2014 Corporate Finance Review, CCGG 2014 Best Practices for Proxy Circular Disclosure, CSA Amendments to 51-101 Oil and Gas Activities, TSXV Policy 4.1 Private Placement Amendments, ASC 2014 Oil & Gas Review Report, OSC Webinar - Calculating Participation Fees

SEDI Reporting Reminders; ASC 2014 Corporate Finance Review; Filing Deadlines and Downloadable Calendars, TSX Company Manual Amendments; OSC Staff Notice 51-722 Report on a Review of Mining Issuers’ MD&A

Professional Development; ASC Oil & Gas Information, 2014 Filing Deadlines, CSA Request for Comment - Multilateral 45-312 Proposed Prospectus Exemption for Distributions to Existing Security Holders, Globe and Mail Board Games, CCGG 2013 Best Practices for ProxyCircular Disclosure

Professional Development, ASC Oil & Gas Review Report, 2013 Filing Deadlines, CSA Notice and Request for Comment – National Instrument 51-101 Standards of Disclosure for Oil and Gas Activities, New SEDAR System Access Fees, CCGG 2013 Building High Performance Boards

Professional Development, OSC FLI Statements Review, 2013 Filing Deadlines, CSA Consultation Paper 54-401 Review of the Proxy Voting Infrastructure, Pay For Performance Analysis, OSC Staff Notice 43-705 Review of Technical Reports by Ontario Mining Issuers

Professional Development, ASC SEDI Late Fee, CCGG 2013 Executive Compensation Principals, 2013 Filing Deadlines, CSA Request for Comment - Early Warning Reports, OCS & NSSC Fee Increases, BC 2012 Mining Report

NI 54-101 Amendments, Notice and Access FAQ’s, 2013 Filing Deadlines, ASC 2012 Corporate Finance Disclosure Report, Globe and Mail Board Games 2012, CCGG 2012 Best Practices for Proxy Circular Disclosure, ASC Oil & Gas Review