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Corporate Secretary Services

Why CanaGlobe?

Specialist Knowledge:

We have experience in the corporate governance world which can allow you more time in your day, reduce your legal fees, and take the guess work out of processes and deadlines.

We understand that many small and mid-sized companies don’t need a full time, in-house corporate secretary, but the management team and the board still need support, and that’s where we come in. When you work with us, your c-suite and board of directors will have an experienced board administrator who is organized and proactive, allowing the management team and the board of directors to focus on their jobs rather than spending time on administrative tasks.

Stop wasting your resources on this non-revenue producing function and take advantage of our comprehensive corporate secretary services. Whether you need us to manage the entirety of your board administration and compliance programs including SEDAR or SEDI filings, new releases, stock exchange filings, stock options, shareholder meetings, or simply need an experienced minute taker, we can help. We will tailor our services to fit your company’s size and budget.

We know board governance

As your outsourced corporate secretary, we take the burden of board administration from the c-suite and the board chair and allow them to focus on what matters – running the business. We organize all aspects of your board of director and committee meetings including:

  • Working the chairman to prepare an efficient agenda

  • Collecting and circulating meeting materials (including via online board portals)

  • Attending meetings to take minutes

  • Preparing, circulating and following up on action item lists

  • Managing compliance issues that stem from meetings, for example completing SEDI filings in conjunction with stock options grants and filing the applicable stock exchange forms

  • Drafting and circulating resolutions

  • Drafting and reviewing board and committee mandates

  • Reviewing, researching and drafting governance policies

  • Managing annual work plans for the board and committees

  • Developing onboarding manuals and director education plans

  • Liaising with legal counsel, transfer agents, accountants and others