CanaGlobe Compliance Solutions

Copy of Director & Committee Meetings

Why CanaGlobe?

We can organize and coordinate all aspects of your board of director and committee meetings including:

  • Working the chairman to prepare an efficient agenda

  • Collecting and circulating meeting materials (including via online board portals)

  • Attending meetings to take minutes

  • Preparing, circulating and following up on action item lists

  • Drafting and circulating resolutions

  • Drafting and reviewing board and committee mandates

  • Reviewing, researching and drafting governance policies

  • Managing annual work plans for the board and committees

  • Developing onboarding manuals and director education plans

  • Liaising with legal counsel, accountants and others

By providing full service board administration we simplify the process for your c-suite and board of director meetings are well organized and properly prepared for.